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Afternoon Tea

I don’t know about you, but whenever I start thinking about wanting to take a vacation someplace unique and fun, I am overwhelmed by options.  Do I want an adventure with lots of physical activities? Do I want to be in the sun on a beach? Do I want to see a different county? So many places so little time!  But what adds to my dilemma is not knowing whether the trip will be what is advertised.  I want to see reviews, personal recommendations and new ideas.  So….. for all those that relate to my struggle, I am going to tell you about a great trip my husband and I took this past year.  It was suggested to us by someone that had gone on this trip and we were not disappointed. 

We took a luxury train trip through Ireland.  If you are looking for a bargain, stop here but if you are looking for something unique, different and not the usual tours with little pompoms on a pole to keep you together, then read on.

Our journey stated in Dublin with a first night stay in a wonderful hotel in the very walk-able old Dublin area.  We had a relaxing afternoon and evening after a long plane trip and the next day we enjoyed an early morning walk though the local area.   At noon we gathered in a lounge with our other “train mates” then moved on to a private van to the train station.  There was a unique surprise as we moved to board our train, which I won’t reveal so as not to spoil it for future travelers.

We gathered in the train’s observation lounge (no train seats – overstuffed sofas, chairs, cocktail tables and wood carved bar) and enjoyed a welcome party of champagne and appetizers.

Each party was then escorted to their private room with a full on-suit bath.  Designed like a wonderful hotel room.

Free choice of seating at meals gave us an to meet the other guests.  The train has very limited guest rooms so there were only 23 guests on board.  The staff was wonderful and made sure all guests felt very special.

Each night the train was stationed on a side-track that was private and quiet.   Meals were tailored to each guest’s requests and it was perfect.  Casual dress during the day but we up-scaled for dinner.  We had great local entertainment on board every night. 

Each day we had private tours to unique locations with refreshments (champagne) supplied by our train crew at many sites. Out of the way locations that were not crowed with tourists I don’t think any royal family had it better.

We met people from around the world and even made a couple of new friendships.

If you are interested or just curious the trip was the Belmond Grand Hibernian.

Please tell me about your "Great Vacation" so I can plan my next trip.


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